What is Ted Jeffery’s Blog?

Journalism is a constant changing industry. Around thirty years ago you would learn your trade on a local newspaper, work on some regional stories that would only be read by housebound invalids and then look to work your way up to maybe getting snapped up by a national on fleet street.

Today things are very different. Due to beauty of the internet, social media and YouTube anyone who wants to become a journalist can try their hands at the craft. Although some journos would have you believe there is a particular way of ‘doing things’ the truth is there are no rules.

I believe that if you can find an effective medium/means of being able to tell a story with the rest of the world, that is the mark of a true journalist.

Why create this blog?

  • It’s a way to showcase my analysis and provide an alternative view on the current political unravellings.
  • To show my dedication to the art of producing journalistic content.
  • Also to share my passion and love for politics with people inside and outside of the Westminster Bubble.

This blog might get a lot of hate, but what I do encourage visitors to do is to take each daily post away with them and use it as a politcal conversation starter, whether that be with friends at work, Uni, or even down The Red Lion.

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