Trump’s 2020 campaign started back in 2016

I don’t feel incredibly excited about Tuesday, 3rd November. It should be a day where we look forward to kicking out a misogynistic, dictator appeasing, xenophobic President. However, there is nothing spectacular about Joe Biden’s campaign, that reassures me he is the man to replace Donald Trump in the White House next year.

We’ve got to remember why it is people voted for Trump in the first place. They were fed up with the status quo, something which Biden still very much represents. They were fed up with electing politicians who only cared about the interests of liberal America. And finally, they appeared to want somebody who could communicate policy, ideas and leadership in an elementary capacity.

Trump’s two-year-old slogans and dangerous rhetoric are why he is where he is. It’s got nothing to do with ingenious policy ideas. It’s all about working the algorithm. It’s about playing on the emotions of the electorate and offering a solution to growing concerns such as terrorism, China, immigration and traditional American values. In simple terms, his campaign was all about providing American’s a gateway back to a time they used to be familiar with. He made them fall in love with conservatism and fear progressivism.

But after four years of early morning tweeting and belligerent narcissism, have American’s had enough? Well, recent polling would suggest the mood has swung back in favour of the Democrats. Since the beginning of the year, Joe Biden has been ahead in most national polls. On most occasions, he’s had a 10-point lead over his Republican opponent, hovering in recent months around the 50% mark. Though as we all know, you should never put a great deal of faith into the national polls.

Yes, they provide you with a useful guide as to how widespread the candidates are across the country, but it’s not always the best means of predicting an election win. Just look at Hillary. Back in 2016, she was leading in the polls and even won 3 million more votes during the election and still lost to Trump. All because of the electoral college system, which goes to show winning the most votes doesn’t always mean winning the election.

My worry is that Democrat’s and Liberals around the world will get into a complacent attitude, where they form an impression that somehow the tide is changing and that Trump’s time is up. If that becomes the case, well then, I won’t be feeling sorry for them.

What you must remember is that despite winning the 2016 election, Donald Trump has since never stopped campaigning. Every press conference, summit meeting, interview, world leader visit, national tragedies and philanthropic gestures have all been part of the Trump 2020 campaign.

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