Anybody can read a text, journal, article, essay, blog post etc. But that doesn’t mean they’ve understood the context. Below are a list of key terms and phrases often used when talking about international politics.

International Organisations

NATO – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 30 North American and European countries. 

UN – The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization that aims to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, and be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations.

EU – The European Union is a political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe. 

WTO – The World Trade Organization is an intergovernmental organization that is concerned with the regulation of international trade between nations.

G20 – The G20 is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 19 countries and the European Union.

ICC – The International Criminal Court is an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal that sits in The Hague, Netherlands. 

War / Conflict

Intifida – It’s an Arabic term for uprising or rebellion. It is a key concept in contemporary Arabic usage referring to a legitimate uprising against oppression.

West Bank – The West Bank is a landlocked territory near the Mediterranean coast of Western Asia, bordered by Jordan to the east and by Israel to the south, west and north.

Gaza Strip – The Gaza Strip, or simply Gaza, is a self-governing Palestinian territory on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hamas – Hamas is a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist militant organization.

ISIS – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, officially known as the Islamic State and also known by its Arabic-language acronym Daesh, is a militant group and a former unrecognised proto-state that follows a fundamentalist, Salafi jihadist doctrine of Sunni Islam.

Taliban – The Taliban or Taleban, who refer to themselves as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, are a Sunni Islamic fundamentalist political movement and military organisation in Afghanistan currently waging war within that country.

Boko Haram – The Islamic State in West Africa or the Islamic State’s West Africa Province, formerly known as Jamā’at Ahl as-Sunnah lid-Da’wah wa’l-Jihād and commonly known as Boko Haram, is a jihadist terrorist organization based in northeastern Nigeria, also active in Chad, Niger and northern Cameroon.

Al-Shabaab – Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen, more commonly known as al-Shabaab, is a terrorist, jihadist fundamentalist group based in East Africa.

Al-Qaeda – Al-Qaeda is a transnational extremist Salafist militant organization founded in 1988 by Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Abdullah Azzam, and several other Arab volunteers during the Soviet–Afghan War.

Lashkar-e-Taiba – Lashkar-e-Taiba is one of the largest Islamist terrorist organizations in South Asia. It was founded in 1987 by Hafiz Saeed, Abdullah Azzam and Zafar Iqbal with funding from Osama bin Laden.

Hezbollah – Hezbollah is a Shia Islamist political party and militant group based in Lebanon. Hezbollah’s paramilitary wing is the Jihad Council, and its political wing is the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc party in the Lebanese parliament.

Nobel P*ss Prize

The President has always been keen for people to see him as an international peacemaker. But, let’s not forget this is the same man who threatened Kim Jong-Un on Twitter with ‘all-out war’, assassinated a top Iranian General. Oh, and according to John Bolton (Former US National Security Advisor), Trump tried sweet-talking China into helping win re-election.

Some have already suggested that because he hosted this historic diplomatic event with Israel, Bahrain and UAE, Donald Trump is now somehow worthy of receiving Nobel Peace Prize. Ridiculous.

An impressive achievement, yes, indeed. However, to suggest this cancels out the President’s overtly belligerent attitude when dealing with foreign powers, on top of his gross neglect of minorities and the inability to enforce strict measures to help combat one of the deadliest pandemics this century. Well, it’s frankly insane. I don’t understand how one ‘good deed’ is suddenly worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize?

There are diplomats and top civil servants who have dedicated their entire lives to diplomacy and foreign affairs. Donald Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t even understand the first thing about foreign policy. He has never had a plan, just the ability to exercise his thoughts in less than 280 characters.

Trump is not a diplomat, politician, leader and especially not an international peacemaker. He’s a one time failed businessman who was bailed out by a Russian mobster, a reality TV star who got dropped by NBC, and now he spends his time moonlighting as a professional appeaser.