Nobel P*ss Prize

The President has always been keen for people to see him as an international peacemaker. But, let’s not forget this is the same man who threatened Kim Jong-Un on Twitter with ‘all-out war’, assassinated a top Iranian General. Oh, and according to John Bolton (Former US National Security Advisor), Trump tried sweet-talking China into helping win re-election.

Some have already suggested that because he hosted this historic diplomatic event with Israel, Bahrain and UAE, Donald Trump is now somehow worthy of receiving Nobel Peace Prize. Ridiculous.

An impressive achievement, yes, indeed. However, to suggest this cancels out the President’s overtly belligerent attitude when dealing with foreign powers, on top of his gross neglect of minorities and the inability to enforce strict measures to help combat one of the deadliest pandemics this century. Well, it’s frankly insane. I don’t understand how one ‘good deed’ is suddenly worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize?

There are diplomats and top civil servants who have dedicated their entire lives to diplomacy and foreign affairs. Donald Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t even understand the first thing about foreign policy. He has never had a plan, just the ability to exercise his thoughts in less than 280 characters.

Trump is not a diplomat, politician, leader and especially not an international peacemaker. He’s a one time failed businessman who was bailed out by a Russian mobster, a reality TV star who got dropped by NBC, and now he spends his time moonlighting as a professional appeaser.