In case you’ve forgotten how vile Trump is…

I’m not really a big fan of Biden. In fact, I don’t know anyone who is. I wanted Andrew Yang to run instead, and when you look back at the field of Democratic Candidates, Joe Biden was probably last on my list. 

But we are stuck with him now, and he’s the only hope we have of being able to kick the Don out of the White House. 

I say ‘we’ because I refer to ‘we’ the Liberal community. Yes, that’s right you and I the Liberals who care about issues like climate change, racial inequality, the right to protest, standing up against misogyny, oh and seeking to co-operate with our fellow nations to crack down on the violation of human rights in countries like China and North Korea.

That is what hopefully many of you and I stand for. But what about Trump? Does he stand for any of this? Nope. To be honest, I don’t think he gives any of these issues a second glance. 

Let’s just break it down: 

  • Trump doesn’t care about environmental issues… 

This was made evident when he decided to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.

In 2009, Mr Trump actually signed a full-page advert in the New York Times, along with dozens of other business leaders, expressing support for legislation combating climate change.

“If we fail to act now, it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet,” the statement said.

So you would have thought Trump, Greta and Attenborough would all be bezzie mates. This is Trump, though. A man who has no political ideology, no causes, except himself. He cares about very little apart from the Trump brand. He knew that talking about issues like Climate Change was never going to land with his core, out of touch, voter base. 

His fans don’t care about the issues on a global scale, they care about their communities, sense of identity and religion. For them, it’s not about looking at the bigger picture. It’s about looking after yourselves and adopting protectionist policies. America First! That’s what they want. 

  • Trump doesn’t care about the violation of human rights abuses….

If he did, he wouldn’t have been trying to appease China and their President, in which he allegedly asked President Xi to help him get re-elected. Trump has made a habit of appeasing nations like Russia and North Korea in the hope of bridging some kind of friendship. However, instead, he should be pressuring both countries over the fact they operate labour camps that deprive innocent civilians of their most basic human liberties. 

  • Trump doesn’t care about race…

Donald Trump has only been consistent at one thing during his four years, which has been consistently pouring ample amounts of petrol onto the raging fire that is Racism. He’s never stood up against white supremacist, the evangelicals or Gun nuts. 

Just remember back to when he announced the Muslim ban in 2016. The fascism was seeping through. He never seeks to unite broken communities, but take a chainsaw and add to the divisions. Most politicians, irrespective of their religion, voting base, and beliefs always seek to unite communities and bridge the gap. Trump, on the other hand, sees this as a weakness and believes in not being the President for everyone, but instead for those who voted for him. 

You know the score on COVID-19, it’s another issue this lame-duck doesn’t care about. Now that he’s recovered he probably believes he’s single handly beaten the virus and that the whole world can now move on…

Agree or Disagree if you so choose, but do remember that only one candidate is offering not just the US but the world the opportunity to step out of the dark times and to work together as the international community to combat COVID-19, Climate Change, Human Rights violations and Racism. 

Meanwhile, the other candidate wants us to take away everything we’ve built up as a society, our rights, freedoms, environment and community. He wants nothing more than division, because whilst there is division, he keeps his job. The one thing a populist President like Trump fears is when nations and communities unite together to quash the bully. 

Who is Keir Starmer trying to impress with his New Leadership?

Rupert Murdoch is one of the most influential and powerful men in global politics. Many would go as far as to call him a Kingmaker, and they’d be right. When it comes to British politics, receiving the endorsement of his newspapers (The Times & The Sun) counts for an awful lot.

When Tony Blair was elected as Labour Leader in 1994, he and his team of media-savvy advisers very quickly got to grips with what needed to change within their party so they could become an election-winning machine. It was a case of “Out with the Old” and “In with the New (Labour)”.

Before Blair’s leadership, Labour had been a party hostile to the likes of Murdoch and big corporations. But under Blair, the Labour Party learnt how to be accepting of Capitalism and they embraced a new way of thinking about politics and ideology. 

They were no longer the party which opposed Thatcher’s Capitalist ideals. Instead, they welcomed her legacy and sought to carry on championing businesses and freedom rather than seeking to push a socialist agenda. 

Blair knew he had to ditch all the ”far-left” nonsense. Otherwise, the electorate wouldn’t be swaying from the Tories. Likewise, Murdoch was also getting fed-up with John Major’s Government. Rupert was becoming increasingly impatient over John Major’s inability to push forward policy and implement the type of change that Rupert wanted to see. 

And if there is one thing politicians around the world have learnt is that if you want the top job, then don’t upset Rupert. Blair knew precisely that, and as Rupert Murdoch changed the political allegiance of The Sun from Tory to Labour, that was when Tony Blair realised that victory was almost inevitable. 

Fast-forward twenty years, the Tories are in power, and the Labour Party, having just got rid of Jeremy Corbyn and elected Sir Keir Starmer, are now attempting to repeat the same makeover that Blair did two decades ago. 

Keir Starmer’s motto, Under New Management/Under New Leadership, is a blatant attempt at trying to not just show the electorate they are the right party for Government. But, also demonstrate to Rupert Murdoch they are worthy of his backing.