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What can we learn from the Darren Grimes story?

I may not agree with Grimes’ views, however, I’m not so much influenced by his rhetoric but more so by his conduct, creativity and innovation as a political blogger and activist.

Extinction Rebellion: Why do they Rebel?

We’ve all seen the videos on social media. A group of in-experienced teenage activists take to the roundabout at Trafalgar Square and attempt to bring London to a standstill. They do so in the name of Climate Justice. But these groups; Extinction Rebellion, Animal Rebellion and now Beyond Politics, are they not just using a cause’ as a justifiable means to wreak havoc on the streets of London?

Is it time for Blow Out to Help Out?

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme may seem like a generous way to kick start the economy, but is it a sensible economic rescue plan? It is an ingenious means of getting people to part with their cash and inject money into local businesses, but there doesn’t need to be a sole focus on the restaurant industry.

O’Brien the shock jock goes too far

I soon came to realise The James O’Brien Show was nothing more than a political amphitheatre in which in-experienced broadcast subjects would come onto the show only to then be set up for slaughtering by O’Brien. A man who week after week of listening to, made me feel as though if I differed from his viewpoint that I was nothing more than pond life.

What is Ted Jeffery’s Blog?

Journalism is a constant changing industry. Around thirty years ago you would learn your trade on a local newspaper, work on some regional stories that would only be read by housebound invalids and then look to work your way up to maybe getting snapped up by a national on fleet street.